Several years ago, whilst working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, I became very concerned about the way patients were often prescribed older drugs that often had a recognised number of nasty side effects; these were often the cheaper drugs available to doctors with limited budgets.

It also became clear that many people just blindly accepted whatever their doctors told them and whatever drugs they prescribed without question!

Because of this and my passion for health and wellbeing, I decided to become a Wellness Educator.  I obtained my BSc in Health Science and now work to help people become more aware via educational seminars, free information and through my website, social media and blogs. I also promote the huge benefits of preventative health care; of having the right information to make informed decisions about health and life style choices.

So if you want to regain control of your health, become more active both mentally and physically, help protect yourself against serious disease and live longer, then you can start right here!

All you need to do is take action – start by asking questions, do your own research and seek out people like me to help you become more aware of health issues generally and those which may be more specific to you.

There are many amazing doctors out there doing some great work, but sometimes they can make mistakes, they may not have enough information on up-to-the-minute developments, they may also be affected by monetary restraints, so even more reason to take responsibility for your own welfare as well as seeking professional help.

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Julie is passionate about health and wellbeing for all, in both mind and body. “With all the evidence now available on the many intricate links between mind and body and the effects on wellbeing, working on one without the other is not an option”, says Julie.

Julie’s slightly maverick approach to Nutrition, Stress Management, Life Extension and Preventative Healthcare helps people to understand the importance of helping themselves to become more aware and able to make informed choices.

Julie Parry-Jones offers one-to-one coaching, public speaking, company programmes, and local authority workshops for employees, teachers, lecturers, and open public workshops/seminars across the country. Many sessions are customised to suit client needs.